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Your Data 

For your reference we, Dea Yoga Activewear, will refer to ourselves as “we”, “us” or “our” for the duration of this privacy policy.

Our customers are important to us so this privacy policy outlines how we collect and use your data when you browse or use our website and related services.

Your data matters to us so you can be sure we take every step necessary to ensure your data is properly safeguarded when you interact or shop with us. 

What we collect:

We want to make your experience with us as satisfying as possible so we collect your personal data when you visit so we can deliver the bespoke, personalised online experience you expect with services, products and offers that perfectly match your needs.

To provide a tailored online experience for you we collect information when you:

  • browse, make a purchase, sign up to offers or take out a subscription on our website or our online services.
  • interact or participate on our social media accounts, online advertising and digital competitions.  

The personal information we are most likely to collect and retain when you interact with us to personalise your experience, includes your: name, address, email, title, contact number and billing address.

Under 16s

When you register with us you consent to our use of your personal data according to the conditions set out in this privacy policy. If you are under 16 you must gain permission from your parent or guardian before you can register with us, order from us, use our services or join any of our subscriptions.

What we do with the information

We use the data we collect to shape the best the experience for you in the following ways:

  • personalised online services with your most frequently used products and services.
  • displaying the most relevant products, services and marketing goods, such as competitions and offers we think you’ll find interesting.

We always inform you before we collect any data and you can choose to opt out of this tailored online experience at any time, by unsubscribing from our emails or sending us a message at: ….@...

When you opt out of personalised services in this way, you can rest assured that the storing of your personal information will halt immediately and any information we already hold about you will be safely removed during our regular data reviews when we purge information that is no longer valid.

If you need any information about the type of personal data we may have already retained about you or want to check the accuracy of the data we hold about you, don’t hesitate to send us a message at ….@... We’ll email you back with a response within 30 days and will gladly correct any errors immediately, if notified by you.

We store all personal data we collect under the strictest, safest terms of our company security policy and UK security laws.

We have total respect for your personal data and handle it with the strictest confidentiality. We store your data responsibly and will never pass or sell your information to third party companies.

We do not use your personal for any other marketing purposes not outlined in this policies or with any other companies.

You can rest assured all Dea Yoga Activewear staff are contractually obliged to operate within all the terms of our company policies, confidentiality agreements and guidelines, including this privacy policy.

All employees of Dea Yoga Activewear must follow our strict guidelines for the maintenance of confidentiality for all personal data we hold about you. 

To discuss any matters relating to the collection of your personal data or if you are unhappy about our storage of your personal data, please send us a message at ….@...

If we do not provide the information you need, please contact the Information Commissioners Office on 0303 123 1113 to raise a formal complaint. 

How we store your personal data.

We store your data using robust measures and follow strict protocols to ensure your data is safe. We never retain any of your personal data for longer than necessary and review then remove all invalid data at least once a year. 

To learn more about how we store your personal information, please message us at  ….@... for further support. 

Non- personal data

General information that is non-personal is collected and stored automatically when you browse or shop on our website so we can continue to improve our online services. Non-personal information includes data such as, the number of website visitors we have or the amount of times a web page is viewed.

We do collect and store general, non-personal information in these situations but we do not store your personal information when we collect general, non-personal data or share your personal information with any third party company.


Cookies and other technology make it possible for us to keep track of what you prefer when you visit our site so we can use the information they collect to show you the content you prefer when you return. Cookies are teeny amounts of data that are sent to your computer browser when you browse our website. 

Cookies are used across the World Wide Web so companies can understand what you like to see when you visit. The collection of data via cookies is legal, general practice you’ll find across the internet.

If you don’t want to let us use cookies when you browse our site, set your browser to prevent cookies whilst you use our site. To learn how to do this visit: www.aboutcookies.org

When we do share your data

If you leave a review for us, we may need to share your email address with one of our third party partners to obtain the review. 

Our commitment to secure transactions

When you shop with us, you can be sure your data remains secure. We only use the most secure, reputable servers, payment providers and third-party hosting to process the credit/ debit card details your card payment service require. We always use all necessary encryptions as well as protocols to process your transaction safely and do not store any of your financial information.

Changes to our privacy policy

We retain the right to make changes to the conditions set out in our company privacy policy as necessary. We commit to ensuring this privacy policy remains current and the information displayed is kept up to date. In the event of any modifications to this policy we will always display them here so you may want to revisit our privacy policy on occasion.

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