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‘Active defence’ technology

Scientifically developed by a range of scientists from multi-disciplined backgrounds including chemistry and microbiology. Active Defence is a nano-coating that physically destroys microbes immediately on contact.

Unlike conventional anti-microbial products, Active Defence is completely chemical free making this a sustainably option, safe to use for the environment and on the most sensitive of skin.

How it works:

Fused to the outer fabric layer is a mechanically stable layer of nano particles. These particles create a sharp needle-like surface, completely undetectable by the human touch but fatal for any microbes, including harmful bacteria and viruses. By attracting the microbe cells, the needles physically pierce the outer membrane, destroying the cell.

How long does it last?

Based on average washing cycles, Active Defence is designed to be effective for up to 12 months before the nanoparticles begin to decay and are no longer effective. At this point you will still be able to enjoy your active wear for years to come, albeit without its defence properties.

To continue the reassurance offered by Active Defence technology we recommend replacing your active wear every 12 months.

Active Defence requires no extra care or treatment when cleaning, please follow garment advice labels for fabric care instructions.

Be part of the future of active wear with Dea!

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