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Yoga Wear Guide: What to wear to Yoga in the UK

by Davide Dabramo on March 18, 2021

Planning to take a yoga class and not sure what to wear? Joining a new class is always a bit intimidating and the last thing you want is to stick out by wearing the wrong clothes.

For any activity, practical considerations and community etiquette mean there is always some type of dress code and yoga is no different.

The clothes you wear for yoga should allow you to move freely through all sorts of yoga poses without worrying about rips, slips and splits. Remember some poses will have you upside down whilst others will see you bend, flex and twist in places you don’t usually use so your clothes will need to stand up to a wide range of movements.

You’ll also need your yoga wear to keep you sweat free. The last thing you want is to be halfway through the class feeling sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable.  

From the difference between yoga pants and yoga leggings to how to tell whether a pair of leggings are squat-proof, we’ve put together a handy guide with all you need to know when shopping for yoga wear.

Read on to ensure you walk into your yoga class feeling comfortable, confident and ready to smash those fitness goals.

Yoga Wear Guide: What to wear to Yoga in the UK

  1. What to look for: First up, there are some non-negotiables you need from your yoga wear. Here are 4 essential qualities to look for when buying clothes for yoga:
  • Comfort: You want to feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease during your class so soft materials are a must. Think about whether fabrics are breathable and how comfortable style details will feel when you are mid-way through a pose.

Look for breathable materials and seamless designs that won’t rub or get hot. Here are three of our top-selling seamless leggings. <insert image below>

Although it isn’t the best at keeping you free from sweat, organic cotton is still a popular choice for many because it is so soft. However, cotton is terrible at retaining moisture so you are much better off with a cotton mix that will help you stay dry.

Materials such as polyester, nylon and lyocell will ensure your clothes don’t get wet and clammy whilst lycra (also known as spandex) will give your clothes the extra stretch you need.

Mesh panels and cutouts are popular style devices that aid breathability. When it comes to style, avoid cumbersome detailing like zips, pockets, drawstrings, tummy control, fabric layers or bottoms that are too long.

The bulk from fastenings, pockets or drawstrings will become a hindrance when you are trying to execute an array of yoga poses. 

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is a must from any yoga clothing. During class you need to be able to stretch, move freely and squat without worrying your seams are about to split – and they will!

You need a close fit that will move with you. Anything too tight or too loose won’t work. Opt for sleek, lightweight, fitted styles that won’t get in the way and quality construction that will hold up against all the movement.

You want to flow without worry, from one pose to the next so loose fabric or materials that become see-through when stretched are a no-no.

Similarly, you’ll want your yoga pants to have a robust hold around your waist so you don’t have to keep pulling them up. As you move through poses, your waistband should stay in place and not roll down.

For this reason, yoga leggings with a high waist are really popular and also provide a very flattering fit. These are two of our best-selling high waist leggings.

<insert leggings images>

  • Durability: When you buy your yoga clothes, you want them to last. Polyester, nylon, lyocell and spandex will ensure your yoga wear is able to withstand the heavy-duty friction and stretching yoga movements involve.

In addition to enduring frequent washing, fabrics like polyester and lycra will also make sure your clothes retain their shape.

  • Sweat-proof: The last thing you want is to be working out with sweat patches all over your clothes. Moisture-wicking materials like polyester or nylon prevent sweat from sitting on your skin and soaking into your clothes.

These breathable fabrics are essential if you want to stay cool and dry in class. These days you can take things further with performance engineering, using things like x-static technology and polygiene, to keep your yoga wear free from bacteria and smelling fresh.  

Compression leggings are another contemporary innovation. Delivering support to your muscles whilst keeping blood flowing efficiently, compression leggings enhance performance and recovery whilst guarding against injury or cramps.  

  1. Yoga pants: Buying yoga pants can be really confusing because you’ll see bottoms for yoga referred to as yoga pants, yoga leggings and yoga tights.

All three offer slightly different fits in the leg but it is yoga leggings you’ll see most people wearing in yoga classes. Go for full length leggings so your legs won’t slip when you try to hold them during poses.

Part of the reason there are so many different types of yoga pants is due to the explosion of athleisure. People are choosing to wear yoga pants for everyday so the type of fit you need will vary according to where you will be wearing your yoga bottoms.

  • Yoga leggings: For yoga classes, yoga leggings offer the slickest fit and are usually made from performance materials for added comfort during your workout. They are super stretchy and particularly essential if you are doing a more intense class where you’ll need to move through poses quickly.

On occasion, you may see yoga leggings referred to as skinny yoga pants or yoga tights but in most cases, retailers call them yoga leggings.

Seamless yoga leggings <to seamless leggings> and yoga leggings with a high waistband <to leggings> are the most popular types of yoga bottoms. Here are three of our hottest picks:

<insert leggings images>

  • Yoga tights: Yoga tights is not a term you’ll see often. It is used to describe a really light type of yoga leggings.
  • Yoga pants: Yoga pants are looser and thicker than yoga leggings. They have a slight flare from the knee down for added comfort and a lot of people like to wear them for everyday wear or whilst relaxing or stretching.

If you are going to a slow paced class, you might want to try these but in general, most people wear leggings for yoga.   

  • Shorts: If you are doing hot yoga you’ll notice some people wear shorts however you’ll need to be careful if you want to wear shorts because they will ride up when you get hot.
  • Harem pants: If you are on a yoga retreat in a hot country you might notice some people wearing harem pants. Harem pants are completely loose from the waist down, finishing with gathered ankles, so they are really airy if you are in a hot climate.
  1. Yoga tops: You’ll see people wearing all sorts of tops for yoga. Sports bras are popular because they are really easy to move in but you can also wear vest tops, short sleeved tops or even long sleeved tops. <insert images below>
  • Fitted tops are a must: Ultimately, the type of yoga top you go for is up to you. What you must do, is ensure the top you choose is fitted all the way to your waist so you can move easily. Remember you’ll need to reach up, down and sideways so you need a top that won’t get in the way.

Avoid loose fitting tops that will fall over your head when you hang upside down and generally pose a nuisance whilst you twist, bend and stretch.

Test out a couple of options at home so you can see what feels right for you. You might find your preference changes according to the type of yoga you are doing. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and can move easily

You may also want to bring a wrap or sweater to class, to pop over you as you cool down.

  • Adequate support: Make sure your sports bra will give you the robust support you’ll need to execute your yoga movements without any slippage. Here are two of our current bestsellers:
  1. Shoes & socks: You don’t need to worry about shoes because yoga is generally practiced in bare feet. However you may want to keep a pair of socks on if you get cold feet or find your feet slip on the yoga mat and you can buy yoga socks with grips on the soles for this reason.

For all the hottest yoga wear that will keep you comfortable, sweat-free and able to move with ease, shop our huge collection of yoga wear today. <to shop> 

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