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Why Active Defence is the confidence boost you need right now

by Fratelli on May 07, 2021

Why Active Defence is the confidence boost you need right now

So we made it. Between the shut-downs, home-schooling and humdrum lifestyle, it’s been a tough 12 months but we’ve made it and we’re coming out stronger.

A doubly exciting time for us because we’ve not only just launched Dea Wear, we’ve launched with the perfect antidote to this awkward transition back to normality – active defence technology.

Let me explain:

Why Active Defence is the confidence boost you need right now

You’re itching for the return to walking freely into the gym, pub, shops, restaurants, bars - when and where you want. Except there’s that little nagging feeling of unease about shared facilities in the back of your mind.

You’re not the only one.

We’ve spent 12 months learning how best to protect ourselves from the spread of germs – an issue we rarely had to give much thought before. With the threat of variants and reinfection quietly lurking over us, we proceed with joy laced with a new caution.

With that in mind we got busy creating the perfect solution.

Anti-microbial technology

Our new Active Defence range of activewear delivers the quiet reassurance you need to step out with a little more confidence. Featuring our unique antimicrobial technology, every piece in the collection provides protection against harmful pathogens.

Offering a medical-grade barrier from a catalogue of micro-organisms, including germs and Covid-19, our active defence technology makes using equipment at the gym, sitting down in the pub and travelling on public transport that little bit less daunting.

All the material used in the Active Defence collection has been treated with our unique antimicrobial liquid technology. Applied at a microscopic level for maximum effect and enduring protection, our powerful antimicrobial technology is woven deep into each thread of every garment.

Expertly developed to enhance each piece of gym wear, the technology is dermatologically tested, eco-friendly and non hazardous. If any foreign bodies are detected, our safe technology is activated to neutralise all foreign bodies present, leaving your activewear free from contamination as well as sweat, fungi, everyday germs and other unwanted micro-organisms.
Delivering long-lasting protection, our germ-fighting technology is included in every piece of antimicrobial gym wear in the range which includes must-have: high waisted yoga leggings, cropped sports tops, sports bras, jumpsuits, hoodies, sets and more.

The added benefit of antimicrobial activewear is of course, that in preventing the growth of any micro-organisms, your clothes also remain free from sweat and unwanted odours because bacteria is banished alongside all the other unwanted micro-organisms.

And that’s not all, with your clothes free from any microbial action, our micro-organism-killing coating also protects against stains, discolouration and general wear and tear.

That means you can continue to enjoy your favourite yoga wear long into the future. On-trend, fresh, hygienic, germ-free activewear that delivers added value for money – what’s not to like?

You only get one life – make sure it’s all you want it to be and more.

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