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Dea Wear: Our Story

by Fratelli on May 19, 2021

Dea Wear: The one thing you need to get back to normal

As the only male in my immediate family, I witnessed first-hand, the power that clothes can have in transforming how we see ourselves. With the right cut, style and fit, it was possible to feel like a wallflower one minute and a vixen the next.

Coming from a creative family, with lots of relatives in the fashion industry, the capacity to dress with confidence and style was something I learnt early.

At Dea Wear, our mission is to bring you activewear that makes you feel and look good – whatever you choose to wear. To help you channel your inner goddess, we hand pick all our activewear to ensure everything, from the cut to the material, enables you to be your best.

But there’s something else..

Activewear with an edge

As we make the transition to getting active in our new normal, we’re pleased to bring you something extra.

At Dea Wear, we’ve been busy. We’ve created activewear with that extra something special our new world requires.

Let’s face it, after all we’ve learnt about how germs spread, we’ll never look at shared facilities quite the same again. It will be a while before we can use share seats, tables and gym equipment with complete ease but we’ve got something to help.

Our brand new, innovative Active Defence range uses the advantages of the latest, medical-grade anti-microbial technologies to deliver invaluable protection against harmful pathogens.

Every item in the Active Defence collection is made from material treated with our antimicrobial liquid technology at a microscopic level. Dermatologically tested, eco-friendly and non hazardous, our Active Defence protection works hard to neutralise all types of foreign bodies on contact.

Forming a shield against all sorts of unwanted micro-organisms, including Covid-19 and everyday germs, our protective layer of active defence technology delivers the peace of mind you want when you’re walking into the gym, shopping centre, pub, public transport or a restaurant.

With the extra reassurance of active defence technology, you can focus at the gym and regain your old routine without distraction for optimum health and wellness.

You only get one life – make sure it’s all you want it to be and more.


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