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5 tops tips to exit lockdown well

by Fratelli on May 07, 2021

5 tops tips to exit lockdown well

It’s been 12 months of new and it hasn’t stopped yet. We see light at the end of the tunnel with things starting to open up and the vaccine in circulation but it’s an odd feeling. This is world 2.0 and it feels different to re-navigate yourself in the world where we once did everything without much thought.

Working out, shopping, socialising – there’s a new pause we take before we do anything. There’s no shame in mentioning it. In fact, it’s really important to talk about it so we can ensure we exit lockdown well.

Hiding worries and uncertainty only serves to make them worse and leave them spiralling out of control and perspective.

We’ve all been under intense pressure one way or another and let’s face it – it’s not all completely over. Let’s get ourselves back out and about without bravado so we can keep our mental health as well as our overall wellbeing in check.

Here’s my top 5 tips for exiting lockdown well.

5 tops tips to exit lockdown well

1. Returning to the gym: You can’t wait to get back to the gym but there’s still that degree of uncertainty about using shared facilities in this way. In comparison to some of our social environments, the gym’s an easier place to use with caution than some other social spaces.

Social distancing isn’t hard to maintain whilst you work out, you just need to remember to remain at a safe distance when talking to friends and acquaintances.

Every business has been desperate to open so you’ll find your gym is equipped with all the anti-bac spray and hand gel you need, plus plenty of other innovations.

Check out our Active Defence range for gym wear that comes with essential antimicrobial protection so you can sit and move without worrying about Covid-19, germs or sweat.

Washing your hands before and after, as well as wearing a face covering is easy to do too so the gym could be a good place to start your return to in-person social activities.

2. Meet-ups: As everything is so complex, meet-ups in the park with friends have been and continue to be, a go-to solution. It’s outdoors so that’s a big tick to take the pressure off. There’s also plenty of space to socially distance so that’s a huge plus.

The one thing you need to do though is to avoid the temptation to go beyond government recommendations on group numbers and household mixing limitations – especially after a few cheeky glasses of rose.

3. Pubs and bars: As going out is more convoluted and you have to plan ahead, book a space and sit outside. Lots of us are opting for afternoon gatherings. These times are less busy and we tend to be a bit more sensible about how we drink in the daytime.
If you’re enjoying afternoon cocktails or a much-longed for beer or two – remember to go easy.

The majority of us have been drinking less because we’ve been at home.

Some of us have hardly drunk at all so we all need to be really aware that we’ll be much more of a lightweight than usual. It’s also really important to make a plan for how you’re all going to get home safely during your pre-organisation.

The last thing you want is to be over-merry and start breaking all the restrictions everyone’s working so hard to follow.

Don’t forget too, that snatching tastes of other people’s food or drink, nabbing someone's’ fork and paying in cash –are all off limits so make sure you order what you really want and have the right cards on you!

4. Restraint: It’s tempting to dash outside, run free and pack your day with unending socialising. However great that sounds, it’s a good idea to proceed with caution.

We’re not fully of the woods yet so don’t plan to enter too many different social environments, with too many different people in one day. Start small and build your interactions slowly, remembering to wash your hands, wear a face covering and keep a safe distance as tempting as hugs may be!

Try to keep your socialising outdoors as much as you can, still choosing to meet friends in gardens and parks rather than their homes.

5. Shopping: Saturdays without an adrenaline-filled shopping spree definitely aren’t the same. As much as we love browsing the shops, it is a different experience post-Covid.

Consider how you can manage the crowds and queuing. Be open to switching your usual huge shopping mall for smaller, more local high streets and out of town stores.
Plan to shop for a shorter length of time so you’re not inside for so long, at hours of the day that are less busy.

Remember you can still get everything online and online shopping is better than ever so you might choose to browse the shops then do the actual decision-making and buying once you get home

Whatever you do. The key is to plan ahead, start small and get back out there one outdoor activity at a time.

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