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5 reasons this is the best time to up your fitness game

by Fratelli on May 19, 2021

Dea Wear: 5 reasons this is the best time to up your fitness game

We’re so happy to say Dea Wear is finally here and we couldn’t have arrived at a better time.

With everything opening up again this is the perfect time to up your fitness game. You’re raring to go, there’s the biggest motivation ever with full freedom on the horizon, everyone in the fitness industry is more appreciative of their job than ever and the prospect of restriction-free fun ahead has everyone genuinely wanting to be their best.

To top things off, as we’ve all gone full out for activewear, especially yoga wear, 24/7 over the last 12 months, the range of options available are better than ever. Here’s 5 super-motivating reasons why this is the perfect time to level up your fitness game.

5 reasons this is the best time to up your fitness game:

  1. 1. Just enough time: So we’re in a slight limbo at the moment with things slowly finding their way back to some sort of normality. It’s all a bit one leg in, one leg out at the moment so while there’s still some time before we are fully back to normal, it’s a good opportunity to use some of those spare hours polishing your fitness and getting yourself ready for full on freedom.
  2. 20s 2.0: Let’s face it, the predicted 20s partying 2.0 is definitely about to happen. Like kids set free on the last day of school, we can’t wait to be fully let loose. With everyone in the best mood ever with a fresh appreciation for life, these are set to be some of the best days of fun we’ve seen in a long time. That means now more ever you want to be looking your best.
  3. Killer threads in all styles: Lockdown bought us the perfect excuse to ditch our usual level of maintenance for easy lockdown standards. Although the game is about to be up, our all-day, super-comfy leisurewear looks aren’t going away fast. As much as we can’t wait to pop on our heels, lippie and hit those streets. When we get back, it’s to the activewear we’ll return and with so much choice there’s no reason not too.
  4. Gratitude: We’ve all been through a tough time for various reasons, nowhere more so than the fitness industry. That means everyone’s coming out the other end a little more caring and grateful. That means the next class or workout you hit will be filled with good vibes like no other – goodness guaranteed to leave a glow.
  5. Canned energy: We’ve all been cooped up physically, mentally and spiritually so this is the ideal time to get moving with an energy and fearlessness you didn’t know you had. Right now everything feels possible so seize the opportunity without hesitation. Sign up to that class, order your new gear and get this shiny new ball rolling.

You only get one life – make sure it’s all you want it to be and more.

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